Case Studies:

Our team of experts are noted for their individual and collective track records of providing the highest calibre of advice in all apects of commercial property ownership and occupation.
Some example Case Studies appear below.

Example - Case Studies

Agency Disposal

  • Instructions received from Landlord to sell the freehold
  • Providing marketing advice
  • Advising more marketable to let the premises on a leasehold basis then selling the investment to maximise value
  • Agreeing terms within 4 weeks of marketing to neighbouring tenant at quoting rent
  • Asset management identification and advice to increase value
  • To then selling the investment

Agency Sales

  • Instructions received from client to assist with marketing of retail investment
  • Client looking to sell quickly - had already been on the market through another agent without success
  • Our knowledge on likely investors and our contact database resulted in the property being under offer within 7 days of instruction
  • Agreement then reached to complete sale within 14 days

Lease Renewal
Expert Determination

  • Instructions received from Tenant to represent them in lease renewal proceedings on their retail premises in Oxford
  • Landlord proposed significant rent increase - to £93,000 per annum
  • Landlord sought to value the upper floors as a hotel
  • Tenant had converted to hotel use, but documented as tenant’s improvements less than 21 years previous - therefore to be disregarded
  • We were instructed to present submissions to an Expert to determine the rent
  • Determination agreed with our case and disregarded the improvements thus valuing the upper floors as ancillary
  • Expert’s Determination at £79,600 per annum - saving the tenant £67,000 until the first rent review and also providing a basis for valuation

Valuation Advice

  • Instructions received from client to provide valuation advice
  • Client looking to purchase investment at auction
  • Instructions involved measured inspection and thorough market research
  • There was a lease expiry within 18 months therefore an accurate assessment of the open market rental value was required

Rent Review / Lease Renewal Advice

  • Rent Review/Lease Renewal Advice
  • Instructions received from inhouse Property Director to provide urgent rental value advice on 22 properties where leases had expired
  • To inspecting and undertaking detailed research into comparable transactions
  • To reporting on all and recommending immediate Section 26 Notice on 20 of the properties where the passing rents were above the open market rental value
  • Liasing with legal team to ensure all Notices served correctly
  • To conducting negotiations